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Creating a trustworthy employer brand is a must for any company’s strategy as it helps businesses attract qualified employees, reduce hiring and marketing costs, and increase productivity.

You seem to have laid out everything. But it lacks one ingredient: giveaways. The perfect event presents for the participants are the key to supporting your overall marketing campaign while fitting with your budget and thrilling your audience. Here at, we have put together a list of employer branding giveaway ideas this 2020!


The maintenance of the well-being of managers, workers, and clients in our businesses, market, and home has become crucial following the introduction of COVID-19. Before, it was just an accessory. Now, it’s going to be an essential everyone must wear while going out.
You may cover the mask in your artwork or company logo using complete color sublimation printing. You can also mark other protective supplies, including shields and visors. Not only are you sending out your brand message, but you are also protecting your employees. That’s two birds in one stone!


We hope you’re planning a top-of-the-line app for your event, and its brilliance will excite the attendants. Take your technology-related gifts up to the next level. They give quick, useful publicity to brands and can also lead to additional visits to sponsor stands. Personalizing them with the recipient’s initials or a company logo takes it to the next level.
You may choose among the following:

  • Smart wallets
  • Charging solutions
  •  Wireless headphones
  • Selfie aids
  • USB flash drives


Consciousness in health is more than just a trend; it is a lifestyle that is here to remain – one which is maintained and practiced by more and more people. Health-conscious gifts encourage, empower, and inspire people. These will catch your eye with the branding possibilities, and it’s functionalities:

  •  Yoga mat
  •  Fruit and seed infused water bottles
  •  Aromatherapy candles
  •  Gym bag
  •  Portable diffuser


Why don’t you go green? Each small effort helps, and your giveaways can make a significant contribution through reused goods and items produced from recycled materials. Most retailers offer products of ethical origin. Try them out! The dialogue begins with that responsible approach. Spreading this awareness generates positivity around your brand at the same time.

  • Reusable coffee cups
  • Stainless steel drink bottles
  • Tote bags and reusable shopping bags
  • Eco-friendly clothing
  • Portable solar power charging station


Want a simple and effective way to show off your brand? Desktop and office items are used every day. The opportunities are endless – now you need to make them memorable with your company name or message.

  •  Imprinted desk caddies
  • Customized calculators
  • Leather padfolios
  • Laser pointers

We motivate you to talk for a few brainstorming sessions together with your team. Don’t worry about being creative. If your gift ideas for the conference are of high quality, beneficial for your audience, and promote your marketing plan, you are in excellent condition! provides a platform for artists, creators, and emerging businesses to market their niche products. Join our community of experts today to start your goals!