Changemaker’s FAQs

Who can join?

ALL kinds of artists are welcome here. Doesn’t matter if its visual, musical, literary, or performing kinds of art, we want to be your space for expression no matter what kind of background you have. It’s all about the art.

How it Works

We only collect a minimal fee for organizations who will request for a sample. However, upon confirmation of your order, the sample fee that we have collected will be deducted from your final bill.

For non-visual artists, we have our own graphic designers who can help you conceptualize and come up with designs. So you can put your poetry, lyrical lines, and graphic concepts into a shirt. Send us a message and we’ll help you come up with your designs.

Absolutely not! Teetalk.Ph is simply an added platform for you to present yourself as an artist and come up with a revenue from selling shirts with your design. If anything, we work for you!

Commissions are released 2 weeks after your campaign has ended.
If your campaign is running on a longer timeline, you may get in touch with us to discuss your options.

Yes, your design belongs to you and you alone. All we do is help you print them on a shirt and sell them hassle-free. You are free to publish your work on any other platform, and we encourage you to link your profile from Teetalk.ph so people will know they can get it on a shirt. Feel free to update your artist profile for people to see more details about you.

You can earn from Php 100-150, depending on how you would like to set the price.
The cost would vary from how intricate your design is to the material of the shirt, so you can refer to the production cost as your baseline for setting the selling price.

Yes. However, we encourage you to come up with designs that appeal to a certain audience or that strongly defines you as an artist. This is simply to ensure marketability, to help you grow your revenue, and attract more customers! If you’re unsure if your designs are sellable or not, just go ahead and submit to us and we can talk about it a little more.

Teetalk.Ph offers a variety of products where your design can be put up on. You can check out our customize page for our catalog.

Proceed to the raise funds page then click the Fundraise Now button which will lead you to a form. Fill out the necessary information, submit the form then we’ll reach out to you.