Our Mission:

To provide a hassle-free place for fundraising, for-profit selling, and custom orders.

Teetalk.ph is a free platform where anyone can design, sell, and buy custom products. We provide a hassle-free, zero-risk fundraising or for-profit stores for individuals and groups. We work with various organizations for their customized giveaways that connect them to their clients, employees and stakeholders.

Things you can do here at Teetalk.ph

Raise Funds for the causes you care about, find the perfect product for your giveaways or start your own online store.

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Raise Funds

Whether you are fundraising for your loved ones or for a cause you deeply care about, Teetalk.ph will take care of the nitty gritty stuff so all you need to focus is on making your campaign reach as many people as possible.

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Start an Online Store

Promising creators, upcoming artists and budding entrepreneurs can start a custom printed business with zero capital and hassle free here at Teetalk.ph

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Get a Custom Order

Organizations and companies use Teetalk.ph to take care of the fulfillment of their customized giveaways to people that matter to them.

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Whether you are looking to support a cause, or to buy your next limited edition apparel or in search for the next teambuilding idea, Teetalk.ph provides a hassle-free, top notch customer service and unmatchable operational capacity to provide you what you need.

We are a social enterprise.

Teetalk.ph sponsors deserving elementary graduates to finish school: from 7th Grade to earning their college degrees with no requirement of giving back when they graduate from the program. From Grade 7th up until they are 18 years old, Teetalk.ph provides them monthly allowance that covers their daily spending (“baon”), their books, and their projects. Every year, they are also provided with new uniforms and school things. When they turn 18 years old, they graduate from a dependent scholar to a working scholar with Teetalk.ph offering them a job in one of its many departments where they get paid and continue to enjoy full scholarship until they earn their degree. These are our current scholars rooster.

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Hi! We at Teetalk.ph would like to hear more about you. We'd appreciate any messages and questions you have for us. Just fill the form and we'll definitely get back to you.

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