Five Ways To Promote

Launching a campaign is a great way to promote a person, event, place, or even ideal. To have an effective one, it must be believable and reach as many people as possible. 


A campaign must have a platform where it can be promoted, such as Facebook. It is easy to use and understand, which allows anyone to communicate their message instantly on a global scale.

Unlike other social media sites that are limited by the type of content they feature, Facebook has numerous ways of sending a message across. Here are five ways to promote a campaign using Facebook.


Article and photo/video

Facebook is not just a social media site anymore. It is also one major source of news for most Americans. According to Forbes, “Facebook is now where about half (52%) of American adults get the news.”

To pique the reader’s interest, introduce the campaign by writing an article about it. Insert a photo or video at the first half of the article to attract people’s interest. 

Before posting it on Facebook, include hashtags in the article to increase its searchability. The article can be posted on a private Facebook account or the campaign’s Facebook page. It can also be shared from an external website. 


Boost the campaign

Facebook can boost posts, which are ads created from posts in a Facebook Page. Although this requires payment, it allows more people to react, share, and comment on the campaign. It also enables other people who are not following the page to see the campaign.

Aside from reaching more people, boosting can also tell how successful the campaign is. It can show the number of post engagements, times a video was played to completion/15 seconds, and clicks on a hyperlink/s. 

These stats can be used to adjust the campaign accordingly. If it has a few clicks, think of something that would make it click-worthy. Campaign video being skipped or hardly watched? Make the content more concise and interesting.


Create a fundraiser

A campaign doesn’t just need clicks. It also needs financial support, which is easy to drum up on Facebook. 

Facebook has a feature called Fundraisers where the campaign can set up one. 

Not everyone will donate to the campaign, but it can be shared among thousands of users who might.


Hire an influencer

An influencer is an individual who promotes and markets a brand on social media. A campaign will greatly benefit from them because of the reputation and fanbase they’ve built over the years. 

According to We Are Social in 2019, 3.4 billion people or 45% of the world’s population are on social media. A campaign doesn’t need high-profile influencers who have over 1 million followers. How it’s introduced to the world is key to making the campaign successful.


Make it viral

With nearly half the world’s population on social media, it’s possible to make the campaign trending or viral. By creating a buzz online, the campaign will really take off. 

But focus on the content first to give it credibility. Whether it’s an article, photo, or video, it’s important to make the campaign something people can believe in.