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Five Ways To Min

5 ways to promote your campaign on Facebook

Launching a campaign is a great way to promote a person, event, place, or even ideal. To have an effective one, it must be believable and reach as many people as possible.    A campaign must have a platform where it can be promoted, such as Facebook. It is...

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Seven Swag Min

7 Best Swag items for charity fundraising

A charity fundraiser is a great way to generate money for a project. Although receiving is the primary goal of a fundraiser, it’s crucial to offer something in return.    Swag items are great to sell because they bring out their owner’s character, making them look fresh. It will...

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10 Awesome Avenues Min

10 Awesome avenues to spread a word about your campaign

Gaining awareness for a campaign can be tough without the right media. It may be great and timely, but not everyone will know about it if it doesn’t use the proper tools. Fortunately, there are 10 methods a campaign can use to gain attention.   Social media Putting the...

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Why Authenticity Matters Featured Img Opt

Why Authenticity Matters for Companies and Raising Funds

In the digital age where social media is prevalent, companies and businesses are forced to be more authentic as compared to the past. Access to information is easily available because of the internet and the world is linked more than ever through social media. This allows easier sharing of...

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Great Ideas For Crowdfunding Your Passion Featured Image O4icbq7ax2t4b0jovfgq4b4z896egfn4hidia76q90

Great Ideas For Crowdfunding Your Passion

A successful campaign starts with an idea — a great, creative, and explosive idea. And it’s fine  if you don’t have yours yet. Crafting your own creative and effective crowdfunding campaign takes time and planning. Fret not, we got you covered! To help you turn your dream to reality,...

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