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Are you wondering how you can raise funds this 2020? We at got you covered! The right concept for fundraising activities will create huge money for any cause.

If you’re organizing a short event or an annual fundraiser, here are five ideas on the best fundraising activities that Filipinos loved in 2020 to help you get going.

1. Lockdown Games

Converting video-gaming into your community’s most charitable productive activity has never been easier. Take a note at Mineski Global, who organized a fundraising event called The Lockdown Games. It aimed to raise a million pesos to help COVID-19 front liners to deal with the global pandemic.

Hosting a gaming night where people can register and create a funding page, play games, and ask for donations from friends and family makes a fantastic fundraising cause. The entire night was packed with excitement and prizes from various individuals or team competitions.

2. Bake A Wish

Get ready for this fundraiser idea for a few lovely smells. The volunteers of Make-A-Wish Philippines presented “Bake A Wish: a virtual bake-sale” to create life-changing wishes for children with serious illnesses. With the love of cooking by volunteers and people’s passion for eating, this fundraising campaign combines the best of both worlds and makes a measurable social effect together.

The money gained from Bake-A-Wish was donated by the Make-A-Wish Foundation in the Philippines to grant the wishes of children who need it the most!

3. Lockdown Cinema

In light of the effects of the pandemic on the film industry, Philippine filmmakers were able to encourage many online viewers to sign up for “Lockdown Cinema Club,” for the sake of raising funds for nearly 1,000 low-income film workers hit by the pandemic.

The project, launched last March, provides a wide range of films that can be viewed freely. The film collections contain a bunch of short films from Filipino and Southeast Asia. The fundraising cause was able to raise funds to almost five million pesos!

4. #BetterNormal by Greenpeace

This 2020 situation may be unexpected, and there are also opportunities for young environmental advocates to enlighten Filipinos about what we face, especially the climate crisis, and how it tends to affect our everyday lives.

With donations from over 15,000 passionate individuals who care for the environment and want to help create change, they continually fight for the climate. They also welcome contributions from private charitable foundations that share their values.

5. Project: Feed, Give, Love

This fundraiser claims there is a chance to address the urgent needs of vulnerable children in Barangay Tagpuro, Tacloban, as long there are programs aimed at bringing a difference to the answer, through curbing hunger among the weakest of the community. The fundraising campaign went viral in social media and was able to raise nearly 30,000 pesos!

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