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Teetalk.ph is a great and easy way to raise awareness and funds for causes you care about, without the downside.

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    Inspire Us

    Talk to us about your cause, what are you passionate about.

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    Craft Campaign

    Work with our artists to discuss, craft, and finalize your design. Work with our project manager to plan your launch.

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    Promote and Sell

    Launch your campaign through our site with ZERO fees and get the word out to other changemakers who will support your cause.

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    Collect Funds

    Collect the profits from your campaign at the end of the campaign period, hassle free.

Creating campaigns made easy

Sell custom products with no upfront cost, hassles or risk. All you need to do is come up with the design (or ask us to help you!), tell us why you are raising, and then share you campaign online. We take care of the process from order taking to sending you the funds you raise.

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Smarter fundraising option for non-profits.

Teetalk.ph offers a zero-risk and hassle-free way of fundraising for foundations and non-profits. No need to spend upfront costs on inventory. No need to worry about order fulfillment. No need to handle order inquiries or monitor shipments.

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“We are happy organizations like Teetalk.ph are willing to help spread awareness for our environment. Our collaboration brought attention to the Critically Endangered Mindoro Bleeding-heart, and we hope more species can be highlighted in future campaigns.”



“We are very grateful to have Teetalk as one of our partners in our shared advocacy towards environmental awareness and conservation.
Thank you for taking the sustainable journey with us!”


Help MAS

“Teetalk.ph has been the partner online fundraising platform of choice of Help MAS Dogs Citizen Initiative for several years now. Through Teetalk.ph, volunteers were able to raise much-needed funds for the vet care of the impounded dogs at the Mandaluyong government pound.”


Smile Train

“Teetalk is a great way to raise awareness about your cause, raise funds and create brighter future for young adults who need help. With this campaign, everybody wins! Smile Train is happy to be supporting Teetalk and give others opportunity to support both our causes.”

Fundraising for a cause?

Design your custom product, set a price, add a goal, and start selling! We will take care of the rest.

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