Great Ideas For Crowdfunding Your Passion

A successful campaign starts with an idea — a great, creative, and explosive idea.
And it’s fine  if you don’t have yours yet.
Crafting your own creative and effective crowdfunding campaign takes time and planning. Fret not, we got you covered! To help you turn your dream to reality, we compiled a list of great ideas of crowdfunding your passion.

Tell Your Story.

Share your story. Simple as that. Help your target audience to know who you are — your passions, hardships, challenges, and victories.
Use your story to hook your potential supporters to your cause. Captivate them to see the value of your passions and ideas and connect with them in a heartfelt way.
TIP: Be authentic. But write your stories into flawless and clear content.

Craft an intriguing video.

According to Kickstarter, projects with a video are 67% more likely to succeed than those without.
And it’s not surprising. Video content emotionally connects with the viewer in a short amount of time. It gets the message across and at the same time, it intrigues your viewers.
To make sure it’s compelling and riveting, it should be well-planned and amazingly executed.
TIP: Film crowdfunding challenge videos.
Learn a thing or two from the success of ALSA’s Ice Bucket Challenge. Get the crowd to collectively build your passion with you. After all, human loves the feeling of being able to participate and being included in causes that intrigues them.
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Utilize Social Media Platforms.

Social media plays a crucial role in the promotion of your crowdfunding campaign. Using the right channels to build your crowd is almost getting half of the work done.
TIP: Create a unique hashtag. It will make your campaign more visible that can lead to more leads. It pushes the audience to be more involved in your drive.

Master the art of Facebook Live.

It’s one of the biggest new trends on social media today. What sets it apart from other platforms features is the novelty of watching it live, your viewers will know it’s being done in real-time and without an editor, so it feels very intimate and connective. Ahead is a list of things you can do with Facebook Live:

  • Host a Q&A.
  • Hold A Skill-Based or Shared-Knowledge Workshop
  • Create daily shows.
Network with influencers.

Finding the right crowd in social media platforms can be challenging.
But it is possible.
With the help of social influencers, you can reach a large audience. It also improves your campaign’s credibility and helps your project to get the spotlight in the current media landscape.

Start a penny drive.

Donation boxes goes a long way in helping your crowdfunding campaign. You can put boxes and cans in high traffic areas and next to cash tills. What’s important is to show them your passion and make them see the value of it.
Thanks to technology, you can also do an online collection drive. Once you already established your online presence in social media platforms, it is perfectly fine to ask for support. Make sure that you prepare your projects as a way to reward them and motivate them more.