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Did you recently decide to establish a charity? Well, that’s excellent news. The nation supports charities and looks forward to them to succeed. It requires patience and a sincere willingness to learn the basics of doing it correctly. However, step back for a minute and make sure that you have considered everything you need to register your charity drive. It is a huge responsibility to run a charity on any scale.

So before you register your charity, make sure to ask these questions first:

Have you chosen a name for your charity?

Make sure you have a charity name and locate it in the registrar’s database of your nation or country to ensure that the name is original and available. Register the name of the charity with the fictive registrar of the county or your state.

Do you have documents to support your cause?

Hire a lawyer to write papers for your charity or obtain a template from a nearby office store. The documents must identify the members of your charity drive, state the intent, the official address, and the registered agent of the drive – the person obtaining legal documentation from the business.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the Philippines serves as the registration authority for non-stock corporations. Some non-stock corporations register as foundations.

Is your charity drive a non-profit cause?

Non-profit organizations (NPOs) are typically organized in the Philippines as “non-stock corporations,” registered under the Corporation Code. Non-stock corporations may be established for a purpose such as trade, industry, agriculture, and similar, as well as for any combination of charitable, religious, educational, cultural, fraternal, literary, scientific, social, civic service or same purposes (Revised Corporation Code Section 87).

Among other requirements, accredited non-stock, non-profit corporations must be organized exclusively for one or more of the following purposes: religious, charitable, scientific, athletic, social welfare, or cultural purposes, or the rehabilitation of veterans (Revenue Regulation No. 13-98 Section 1(a)).

Register your charity drive if you can say YES to the following:

  • Your charity drive abides by your country’s regulations that include reporting your work to the local authority and the public.
  • Your charity drive is independent. A charity can work with other organizations but must independently decide how it cares.
  • Trustees administer your charity.

Do NOT register your charity if:

  • Your charity is a combination of charitable and non-charitable purposes that the law provides.
  • Your organization supports someone related to care, e.g., giving work to a family member or company of a trustee.
  • Your charity engages in other political campaigns.
  • Registered charities shall provide information on their operations and finances to thepublic, up to date.We at assume that you want to support as many people as possible. But, unless you develop your organization for long term success, you can’t help forever. Take it slow and steady. All charity drives started somewhere, but discipline ultimately defines them later on. Sustainability is essential, and flexibility is expected!

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