Seven Swag

A charity fundraiser is a great way to generate money for a project. Although receiving is the primary goal of a fundraiser, it’s crucial to offer something in return. 


Swag items are great to sell because they bring out their owner’s character, making them look fresh. It will always remind them of their valuable contribution to the charity whenever they use it.


Consider giving these seven items for that upcoming fundraiser.


Custom T-shirts


A T-shirt is a statement piece. With enough swag, it becomes a hot commodity. Everyone will want it, which becomes a topic of conversation. “Where to get one?” “Who designed that? I want one.” “What does that mean?”


People may ask the last question if the T-shirt has the name of the charity or the fundraiser. Since it is worn every day, it is an opportunity for the charity to spread everywhere. 


With a slick design, a custom tee is a confidence booster for its wearer. Since it’s a limited edition, only a few people have it, making the wearer part of the club.




A regular hat protects the user from heat and rain. But a swaggy one is a quintessential part of the swag fashion. If the name of the fundraiser or charity is on it, rest assured people will know about it.


Caps protect the user from the heat, but it also gets a lot of attention thanks to its design. It also goes well with face masks, giving the user added protection. Caps, unlike shirts, can be worn multiple times before being washed.




Aside from keeping its wearer warm, a hoodie can have large, intricate designs. Sometimes, even if it is not cold, some people wear hoodies just to flaunt the design.


Hoodies are the perfect canvas for a swaggy graphic because it is usually oversized, making the design easy to see from a distance. It has a lot of space for the charity’s name: at the front, back, side, or even on the hood.


Phone cases


According to TIME Magazine, The Apple iPhone is the most influential gadget of all time. It “ushered in a new era of flat, touchscreen phones” and must always be protected with a phone case.


A case won’t just protect the phone from damage. With a swaggy design that includes the name of the charity, any phone will look outstanding. 


There are different styles of phone cases. Swag may vary differently depending on the type. If it’s a wallet case, it covers the phone with sturdy materials and comes with card slots. Bumper style cases protect the sides of the phone with rubber and other soft materials.


Once people see the name of the charity on the case, they will inquire about it.


Reusable water bottles


It is great to have a reusable water bottle. It lessens environmental waste and pollution and saves money for the user. There’s no need to go to a convenience store to have something to drink.


With an eye-catching design, a tumbler can attract attention. People will ask about its design and inquire about the charity upon noticing it.




An essential part of the fashion, shoes are great fundraising items because they “complete the swag look.” It gives the wearer a distinct look, making them stand out from the rest.


Whether it’s boots or sneakers, they won’t just promote the lifestyle once they flex their pair. They’ll also share where they bought it, giving the charity more attention.




Giving the wearer more artistic expression, jewelry adds more personality and complements any style of clothing. It is not gender-specific for people who want to up their swag, nor are they required to wear jewelry on every part of their body.


Like shoes, people will want to know where the jewels were bought. The charity will be more than happy to accept inquiries.