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Thousands of strays and unwanted pets end up in LGU pounds across the country each year largely due to irresponsible pet ownership and failure to spay/neuter. With far more admissions than adoptions in pounds, hundreds of these animals get euthanized every week to make space for the next batch of intakes, often enduring horrendous living conditions before getting put down. Because saving all would be unrealistic and unsustainable considering pet adoption isn’t yet mainstream with prevalent preference still for purebreds, the small informal group HELP MAS DOGS CITIZEN INITIATIVE opted to pragmatically dedicate volunteer efforts for over a decade towards improving living conditions, rehabilitation and screened rehoming of dogs held specifically at Mandaluyong government pound. Volunteers strive to supplement food rations, needed supplies and veterinary care through in kind and monetary support to make many dogs fit for adoption. Over 200 pound dogs have found homes (domestically and abroad) over the years. BY ADOPTING A DOG FROM THE MANDALUYON POUND instead of buying or breeding one, you open up space and literally SAVE 3 DOGS! 1) The one who goes home with you, thereby opening space for 2) the dog in rehab cage to move up to adoptables and 3) the dog who gets pulled out from death row to rehab row.

BY ORDERING 1 OR MORE OF THESE SHIRTS, YOU HELP THE MANDALUYONG POUND DOGS and support volunteers’ efforts while promoting adoption if you wear it publicly.

Net proceeds go towards food, cleaning/pet/miscellaneous supplies and other needs of these dogs.

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