Adopt Happiness (Embossed Paw)

Adopt Happiness (Embossed Paw)


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Why shop when you can adopt? In Metro Manila alone, countless dogs are abandoned every day: left uncared for, sometimes, in a dying or sickly state. Most of these dogs were loved and looked out for in their early years, others were not as lucky. In the end, these dogs find themselves in a cramped shelter pound, eagerly waiting for that opportunity to belong to someone again. Learn more of their current state and see how you can help by clicking this link.  You may also watch this short video of the dogs at the pound.


The Help MAS Dogs group, a private and independent animal welfare group of volunteers, are raising funds through their Adopt Happiness campaign. You can find more about the group on their Facebook page accessible here. The profit proceeds will fund vet care, supplies, TNR and other animal welfare activities.


NOTE: Ladies Shirts not available.

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