1,000-Kilometer Ride to Hope
1,000-Kilometer Ride to Hope

1,000-Kilometer Ride to Hope


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In the immediate aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda, teams of volunteer bicycle messengers deployed to Tacloban and Samar to serve as an alternative means to collect survivor data, deliver critical emergency supplies, and gather personal messages from evacuees that was forwarded to their friends and relatives in partnership with Rappler and Project Agos.  BIKE SCOUTS PHILIPPINES is a 100% volunteer initiative whose purpose is to make sure that people who are affected by natural disasters are never out of contact or out of reach.  The project is proudly a “Filipino solution to a Filipino problem” of not having enough resources for immediate disaster response.


To help promote greater awareness for disaster preparedness in disaster-prone communities of the Philippines the BIKE SCOUTS are embarking on a 1,000-kilometer bike ride on the 2nd of November from Manila to Tacloban City and Calicoan in Eastern Samar. The ride will take volunteer riders to places like Quezon, Bicol, Samar, and Leyte that are regularly on the path of typhoons coming from the Pacific Ocean. PLEASE help us deliver our message of helping vulnerable communities prepare for extreme weather and also to distribute flashlight and batteries that are very much needed in times of evacuations. MAKE YOUR HELP COUNT, help us make the 1,000-kilometer “disaster preparedness” ride happen!


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