Don’t Panic, Our Farmers are Organic!
Don’t Panic, Our Farmers are Organic!

Don’t Panic, Our Farmers are Organic!


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This is a fund-raising campaign to support other local government units and their farmers.  The proceeds will be used to allow two new local government units a six-month access to SAGIP, a solution that enables thousands of farmers under its coverage a simpler, cheaper, and more efficient way of managing their farms based on weather forecast.


Spectres.Solutions Inc., in partnership with Rice Watch & Action Network  and Greenpeace, launched Project Sagip, a cloud solutions that sends weather information to Filipino Farmers via SMS.  Watch this video to learn more. Farmers used to walk at least two (2) hours to their closest local government units to check the weather updates.  Sometimes the posted weather information by the local government unit on the bulletin board is outdated.  Then, the farmers walked another two (2) hours to go back to their farmlands.  An average waste of four (4) hours of walking a day instead of focusing in farming.  That changed when SAGIP was launched which now has twenty (20) local government unit subscribers that covers more than 100,000 Filipino Farmers.


SAGIP saved time for the farmers which is now dedicated only to Farming.  The weather information they received via SMS allowed farmers to improve their farm management.  They have a better idea of what type of crops to plant based on the temperature provided by the weather information.  Farmers also have better timing in when to sun-dry and harvest which prevented crop loss due to inclement weather.  Due to poor internet infrastructure and geographical challenges in the Philippines, mobile data does not reach the remote farmlands.  However, GSM (Global system for mobile communication) reaches those remote areas so it is logical and practical to send weather information via SMS.


Spectres and our partners believe we can reach our goals together.  Having a science and technology driven agriculture in the Philippines is possible when we all work together.  With the upcoming global food shortage and security issues arising, the Philippines is one of the few countries that can survive if we start improving our farms and support our organic farmers.