Bigass Recog

Knowing how to reward your employees for their achievements creates a healthy working environment. Giving the acknowledgment that your best-performing employees deserve will enhance their productivity and encourage their loyalty to your cause.

Here at, we have compiled seven ways that would definitely add a unique touch on recognizing your employee’s milestones:   

1. Serve delicious treats as a surprise for a day or two! 

Excellent food goes a long way for someone. Arrive at the office with delicious donuts or cookies for them, leave a box of chocolates at their desk, or you may even rent a nearby food truck to serve a cute menu for them at lunch. 

2. Give them prospects for change 

Encourage from inside and make sure workers know the company has a road to job development. Let them know there is career growth in your organization through surprise letters or personalized notices. 

3. Give a shout out on social media

Extend your recognition through posting across your Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. For starters, a photograph of the best workers in a Facebook cover photo is a massive shoutout for those who gave their best. 

4. Dedicate a portion of your website 

Other than your social media, the website of your company is also one of your prime identities. Why not make a section for your hard-working employees? You can even go a little personal with your business biographies to make people aware of their lives, passions, and outstanding work. Connect with now so we can advise you on the must-haves for a stunning company website!

5. Surprise them on their birthday with everyone

Besides traditional cakes and cheers, try giving them personalized, eco-friendly items that you can check out on our website. For another option, allow them to take the day off and enjoy it for their own convenience. They would surely appreciate it. 

6. Grant a wish for them

This concept of employee appreciation will deliver a few inspirational stories. Once a year, pick a genuinely deserving employee to offer them a wish. Then allow the employee to tell what they have achieved by sharing the experience with all employees. This motivates workers to strive one day to fulfill their own wish too. 

7. Make it heartfelt with a giveaway

Employers can customize and send gratitude to their employees with different items such as shirts, pens, notebooks, and other essential office supplies. You can have your logos on your product and the names of your staff on each giveaway to make it personalized.

Thankfully, is primed to assist you in appreciating the milestones of your employees, especially if you intend to have them recognized through a giveaway. One thing is for sure, you would have to start somewhere. How about we start by talking about your plans? Head over to our website so we can get you started. When you’re ready, we’ll be here.