Glow Stick Main

Glow Stick

Glow Stick Have a temporary light source at night and even outdoors using our Glow Sticks. Just bend, shake, and see it glow!

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Stress Balls Main

Stress balls

Stress balls De-stress yourself, improve your blood circulation, and help yourself meditate using our Stress balls.

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Money Clip Main

Money Clip (double)

Money Clip (double) Store or carry around your cash and cards without carrying a wallet using our Money Clip (double)

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Inverted Umbrella Main Min

Inverted Umbrella

Inverted Umbrella Protect yourself from the rain and worry less about water dripping all over your floor with our Inverted Umbrella.

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Golf Umbrella Main Min

Golf Umbrella

Golf Umbrella Protect yourself from the sun and rain using our Golf Umbrellas that are larger than standard umbrellas.

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Pen With Wooden Case Main Min

Pen with Wooden Case

Pen with Wooden Case Never lose your pen again with our Pen that comes with a wooden case to keep safe. The pen and case are both made of wood making it eco-friendly.

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17 Min

Wooden Magnetic Bottle Opener

Wooden Magnetic Bottle Opener The basic purpose is to mount in a magnetic surface like fridges to not loose or easy access to open bottle one-handed.

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