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A customized shirt is a jack-of-all-trades tool used in events. Not only will it help advertise the event, but it also serves as memorabilia, promotion of your event’s identity, a unifier of the attendees, and of course, a way to raise money. Designing the perfect shirt can be intimidating with a lack of expertise on the said field, but it isn’t something to be afraid of since as they say, some of the greatest designs are simple.

Having said this, it doesn’t necessarily mean to just print the name of the event and the date on the shirt or making it look like you just slapped a bordered picture on it and call it a job well done. It’s essential to still invest your time in brainstorming your design concept so that it won’t just be another addition to the existing pile of environmental waste and obviously, encourage people to buy the shirt in the first place. 

Pondering about the event’s identity is the first thing to consider before grabbing a pen. It circles the inherent purpose of the event and how you can communicate it through visual representation. Ask yourself the reason for bringing these people together.

Next would be the identity of your attendees. You have to digest what catches their eyes, the vibe they manifest, and a basic understanding of their belief grounded on the fact that they’re interested in your event. It’s of importance that your shirt can serve as a looking glass as they’re able to see themselves reflected through it thereby deciding to buy the shirt.

Given that you’ve already understood the preceding two main keynotes, the technical aspect follows. 

Colors are of great significance in playing a role in the design since studies show how they can even affect a person’s frame of mind. However, as much as we fancy incorporating every color we can see in the wheel, it won’t be cost-effective. In achieving the color combination of your design, do it with the least amount of color as possible. While the shirt should be just one color since it will only serve as a background. If you opt to place a wording, avoid the basics such as ComicSans and Arial. Explore your options and never use more than three dissimilar font types. 

Accordingly, the composition of these elements should be Yin and Yang before deciding the placement. Avoid combining the design items for example the wording and figures you’ve selected in a scattered or clustered way. Since two or more heads are always better than one, as a tip, show your output to pairs of fresh eyes and ask for their honest feedback.

As Simon Sinek stated “The hardest part is starting. Once you get that out of the way, you’ll find the rest of the journey much easier”. So get started on that T-shirt project and head on to which offers a platform to sell your custom merchandise. Talk to our store experts to learn more.



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