An Artist 039 S Animal Advocacy

A small-town girl who works as a freelance graphic artist, Mitch Antonio illustrates children’s books and designs graphics from time to time. As a graphic artist, she has already illustrated four books that have been published on Amazon. When she’s not working, she’s either illustrating a personal piece or playing with her cats. Find out more about one of the contributing artist of and know more about her advocacy.

Ronnie: Hi Mitch, can you tell us about yourself. Where you grew up and your background?

Mitch: I am a graphic artist from San Carlos City in the province of Negros Occidental. I mostly do illustrations and graphic design, with a side of web design from time to time.

R: Your designs in and mainly focus on animal welfare. Can you tell us about how you started this advocacy?

M: I’ve always loved animals, especially cats and dogs, ever since I was a kid. I’ve seen how other people get pets and then abandon them or give them away to animal control when they can no longer hold responsibility for their pets. That, and along with the influence of my friends and a few celebrities who promote the same advocacy.

R: What do you think was the biggest challenge that you had to overcome along the way and what was the biggest motivating factor for you to achieve it?

M: Way back when I first started working as an artist, I was really struggling with my art style. Since I’ve never had a formal study on illustration, let alone a degree, I relied on online tutorials and tips from other illustrators. With practice and dedication and patience, I’ve become confident with my art style and stuck with it since then.

R: Who are the people you look up to in the field? Do you have mentors and what are the most important things that you have learned from them?

M: I try to get inspiration from different artists and learn from them as much as I can. Often times I look up tutorials when I find something difficult to do. One time I read an article on the Internet, asking artists for advice to illustrators who are just starting. They all said the same thing – to draw every day and dedicate 10,000 hours to be really good at what you do.

R: What do you like to do on your free time?

M: I like to watch a tv series on my free time or play video games or do crafts. Sometimes I illustrate especially if there are lots of ideas in my mind.

R: When did you feel most powerful or successful?

M: I guess I have yet to become successful!

An Artist 039 S Animal AdvocacyR: Why do you think it is important to promote the awareness of animal welfare in these times?

M: People oftentimes forget that animals are living things too, that they are more than just a source of food or entertainment. We co-exist with them. It is our responsibility as humans to show compassion to animals even in small ways.

R: Is there some sort of mantra that you live by, that you have not let go of?

M: “Trust the timing of the process. Don’t give up. Great things take time.”

R: What was that lesson you wish you had known earlier?

M: Live within your means. Always save whatever you can from your paycheck because you’ll never know when you’ll need it. I’ve learned that the hard way!

R: What do you think is the best advice that you’ve been given that you would also give to people who want to follow your footsteps?

M: Aaah I’m really not good at giving advice! But if you really want to follow your dreams, you just have to go for it. Take the first step. You’ll figure it out along the way and eventually will lead you to where you are meant to be. Create goals, but be realistic in achieving it. Most importantly, stay positive. Be patient and trust the process.

R: Thank you so much, Mitch! We wish you good luck in your advocacy and career!

M: Thank you, too, for this opportunity!