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Important Graphic Design Tips Non Designers Featured Img O4icbr553wuemmibpxvcoswftn1ro4qutn0zrh5c2s

Important Graphic Design Tips For Non Designers

Though not a professional, you have done your share of small design projects. At some point, you found yourself volunteering to craft invitations for your niece’s 7th birthday party. Maybe you just started an online business and need to make branding assets for your product/service. You need to design...

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Artist Animal Advocacy O4icbr553wuemmibpxvcoswftn1ro4qutn0zrh5c2s

An Artist’s Animal Advocacy

A small-town girl who works as a freelance graphic artist, Mitch Antonio illustrates children’s books and designs graphics from time to time. As a graphic artist, she has already illustrated four books that have been published on Amazon. When she’s not working, she’s either illustrating a personal piece or...

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