Be Whale Wise


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Whales and dolphins are charismatic animals that play an important role in the marine ecosystem. BALYENA.ORG is a non-profit organization established in 2013 that works towards understanding whales and dolphins in the Philippines in order to conserve them and the environment they live in. Our #BeWhaleWiseT-shirt campaign aims to promote responsible whale and dolphin watching and encourage people to follow the cetacean interaction guidelines. Seeing whales and other marine wildlife in their natural environment can be a thrilling experience. In our excitement, we sometimes forget that our presence has an effect on wildlife and their habitat. Just like us, marine animals need space to find food, choose mates, raise young, socialize and rest.


When we get too close, approach too fast or make too much noise, we may be disrupting these activities and causing the animals unnecessary stress. In some cases, we may be threatening their lives. Set an example for others, and help protect our spectacular marine resources.


Be whale wise – Follow these guidelines in the presence of whales and dolphins.


These guidelines are designed to help you enjoy your wildlife encounter, and reduce the risk of disturbing marine wildlife.


Our #BeWhaleWise T-shirt campaign will hopefully raise enough funds for our educational outreach activities promoting responsible dolphin and whale watching in the Philippines, community work in supporting sustainable livelihoods and giving opportunities for more volunteers to participate in our research. The aim is to increase awareness on the importance of understanding the interactions between us and the environment.

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