Climate Change is Real. Help Heal our World.


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Global warming has taken its toll on several parts of the world, some are left more devastated than others; Philippines with Typhoon Haiyan, United States with Hurricane Katrina, rapid shrinking of the glaciers, drought and excessive rainfall, and rising water levels threaten low lying areas such as Venice and a quarter of the Netherlands.


Hack the Climate is an advocacy group formed to campaign against Climate Change.  The vision of Hack the Climate is to use technology to inform people that everybody has a social responsibility to care of our environment and fight for our future. Taking action to promote awareness, plan to prevent or protect against its effects, prepare to combat and adapt to the changes, and be resilient through it.


Hackathons are innovation competitions that foster a collaborative environment to flourish ideas in the fields of green technology, programming web or mobile applications, creating hardware, or formulating biotech solutions.


Hack the Climate relies on grants which allows us to stage events like Hack the Climate: Manila 2014 and HtCxWatson coming September 4-6, 2015. We have been fortunate enough to have our expenses covered by the grant and sponsors for our 2014 event. We want to continue with what we have started and bring Hack the Climate to more people and cities. We can only do that with your help, proceeds from the shirts you buy will enable us to cover our operational and logistical cost in keeping our momentum going.


No one is directly responsible, and every action counts when it comes to climate change. There is only one Earth. Help heal our world. Be an Ecohacktivist.