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The Babuyan marine corridor is the only known breeding ground of humpback whales in the Philippines.
This population has been monitored every year since 2000 and is the longest running cetacean research
project in the country. Data from this project has contributed significant data on this vulnerable whale
species. Despite its importance in conservation, it continues to be threatened by environmental
degradation, unregulated coastal development and increasing boat traffic. Help us continue monitoring
this population of humpback whales through our annual boat surveys. Our “Humpbacks of the Babuyan
Marine Corridor” T-shirt campaign aims to raise funds to continue the annual research survey around
the Babuyan Islands in Cagayan Province and to conduct educational outreach activities along schools in
coastal communities along the corridor. Funds raised through this campaign will be used towards field
expenses for the boat-based surveys and our educational outreach activities.

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