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There are 20 tropical cyclones on average that come into the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR), approximately 6-9 of these make landfall. Over the past few years, our country has been in international headlines because of Ondoy, Pablo, and most especially Yolanda.


Hack the Climate is an advocacy group formed to campaign against Climate Change. Science, technology and engineering are needed to key areas where we can try to find solutions to alleviate the effects of Climate Change. Hackathons are innovation competitions that foster a collaborative environment to flourish ideas in the fields of green technology, programming web or mobile applications, creating hardware, or formulating biotech solutions.


HacktheClimate x Watson coming September 4-6, 3 day event that combines a Social Enterprise Conference on September 4 to be held at the De La Salle University, and Hackathon on September 5-6 to be held at Microsoft Philippine’s Office. The Social Enterprise Conference will feature talks from key figures, NGOs, Institutions, and other companies that are involved in Climate Change and Social Entreprenuership.


Hack the Climate: Bicol coming October 23-24, a 2 day hackathon in Legaspi that will both include speakers from NGOs, Social Enterprises and Tech Evangelists.


We charge for our events to cover the food costs that will be incurred for the duration of the hackathons. We would like to invite you to subsidize or sponsor our participants by partially covering the payment for their tickets. You can buy 1 shirt to subsidize a participant’s ticket, this means that your beneficiary (targeted or anonymous) will only pay for the remaining (offset) price of their ticket.


3 shirts will cover 1 student’s ticket.

4 shirts will cover 1 professional’s ticket.


Payment cutoff for HtCxWatson will be on September 6 and HtC Bicol will be October 24.


Please email with the subject “Tee Shirts” and the name of the person or group you wish to subsidize or sponsor, please indicate if you want to let them know you are the benefactor or if you want to remain anonymous. If we do not receive an email, we will randomly select individuals who have not yet paid and use your pledge to subsidize their ticket(s).


No one is directly responsible, and every action counts when it comes to climate change. There is only one Earth. Help heal our world. Be an Ecohacktivist.

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