PPBCC I Made a Difference
PPBCC I Made a Difference

PPBCC I Made a Difference


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​Every dog and cat that we neuter means saving their lives, and what does it mean? A CHANCE TO HAVE A BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE. It means less animal to rescue, it means less animals to vaccinate against rabies and most importantly SHORTER PERIOD OF TIME TO ERADICATE RABIES.

Your help will go a long way, towards awareness of the need to neuter our dogs and cats for a better quality of life, and lesser risk of rabies.

​The Philippine Pet Birth Control Center (PPBCC) Foundation is dedicated to ERADICATE RABIES ​and lessen animal abuse in the country through controlling the dog and cat population in the most humane way​, which is ​NEUTERING. We try our best to reach out to every city and province in the Philippines to help control the dog and cat population.​ ​We​ have been offering the lowest neutering services in the country, our team can neuter as much as 200 cats & dogs in a day. We want to make neutering affordable especially to the indigent pet owners, thus we have done numerous free & sponsored neutering services project. It has always been our aim to lessen animal abuse and abandonment by controlling the dog and cat population through sterilization.

We also educate pet owners on how to basically take care of their dogs and cats. We won’t just NEUTER. We will be providing collars and leash and also do medical mission in each areas we visit.

Thank you in advance for all your support.​
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