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The food industry has become progressively environmentally friendly. Indeed! Restaurants have now adapted to an eco-friendly and sustainable theme. We applaud and cheer you on here at Teetalk.ph.

Your actions, like using eco-friendly items, not only benefits the environment, but also your business. Let’s talk about those.

Customers will applaud and support your initiative

Going green with your daily operations, will encourage customers, especially those who are concerned about the environment, to support your business. You will gain more trust and patron from those purchasing your products and availing your services. And will get more people coming to you and talking about you.

Caring what your customers care about is adding value to them. And this is one of the most effective marketing strategies.

Eco-friendly items reduce your plastic use and save money

According to National Geographic, 8 million tons of plastic flow into the ocean every year, and straws comprise just 0.025 percent of that. Many plastic items can only be used once, and then be thrown away. One example of these is plastic straws. Three hundred grams of plastic straws cost about the same as one reusable straw. Although it might be more in quantity, the impact you’ll leave with single-use plastic is costly and detrimental to the environment.

By eliminating plastic straws and using alternative and eco-friendly straws, your restaurant can dramatically decrease expenses. You won’t have to purchase plastic straws every now and then, you can simply re-use what you have. You save money and save the environment. Every time you use a metal straw, that’s one less plastic straw that could be going into the trash and ending up in a landfill or even the ocean for hundreds of years.

Here at Teetalk.ph, we provide plastic alternatives such as metal straws that are reusable. We can help you out in transitioning from plastic to metal.

Eco-friendly items make a lasting impact

Businesses that make a lasting impact are purposeful with every initiative they do. Be one of these and start using eco-friendly items in your restaurants. Don’t just talk about it, rather, show it to your customers.

Here at Teetalk.ph, we offer high-quality restaurant essentials that will surely do the trick. We can print your restaurant logo along with these stunning eco-friendly products ranging from paper bags, sandwich wrappers, disposable bamboo spoons and forks, and even magnetic bottle openers. Your customers will love the effort!

It’s nice to know that we are becoming more conscious about the effect of our actions and the costs the environment pays for us to have full tables in our restaurant. Teetalk.ph makes it more comfortable for you to take a step forward in raising awareness for whatever your restaurant’s cause will be. If this means using eco-friendly items for your restaurant, we’ve got you covered for you. Connect with Teetalk.ph anytime, and we’ll help you go green.

The world can never be replaced. This is all the more reason that we should take care of it. If we don’t act now, it can all be too late.