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Going Green: Why Eco-Friendly items are better for your restaurant business

The food industry has become progressively environmentally friendly. Indeed! Restaurants have now adapted to an eco-friendly and sustainable theme. We applaud and cheer you on here at Teetalk.ph. Your actions, like using eco-friendly items, not only benefits the environment, but also your business. Let’s talk about those. Customers will...

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Why Stainless Straw Set Is Awesome Fundraising Item For Environmental Causes

Why a stainless straw set is an awesome fundraising item for environmental causes

  A stainless straw set is an awesome fundraising item because it is reusable and protects the environment and health. Reusability and the environment in mind Stainless straws can be reused because they can be cleaned with soap and water. They are more eco-friendly than plastic straws, which are...

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