Why A Stainless Straw Set Is An Awesome Fundraising Item For Environmental Causes


A stainless straw set is an awesome fundraising item because it is reusable and protects the environment and health.

Reusability and the environment in mind

Stainless straws can be reused because they can be cleaned with soap and water. They are more eco-friendly than plastic straws, which are thrown away after every use. Some end up in major bodies of water, disrupting and injuring marine life. Remember what happened to the turtle that had a plastic straw jammed up its nostril?
In the United States alone, approximately 500 million straws are used everyday. Going stainless will drastically lower its numbers, reducing the number of animals who accidentally consume plastic straws, such as turtles and seagulls.
Aside from reducing plastic use, a stainless steel straw has enough tensile strength to draw juice straight from the source. Drink straight from an orange, lemon, watermelon, etc.; no cup needed. It’s the only type of straw that can do that.

Good for the health

Aside from being harmful for the environment, plastic straws can also harm the body. A NPR report in 2011 said plastic products that come into contact with food release harmful chemicals like BPA, even though they are BPA-free.
Degraded plastic can spread the said chemicals in bodies of water. Should it be absorbed by animals that are captured for food, it can pose serious health issues. Anders Jacobson, president of purifying brand Bluewater, said “plastic contains many chemical additives that have negative human health effects like carcinogens, and diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP).”
He added plastic can “impair immune function, increase chances for cancer, early onset of puberty, obesity, diabetes, and hyperactivity, among other problems to be confirmed.” It can be caused by drinking from or using plastic in general.
Unlike plastic, stainless straws are BPA-free, making them safe to use for kids.

A statement piece

Aside from functionality and reusability, stainless straws are also fashionable. They are shiny and come in different colors and sizes, giving a unique personality to any drink.
Darcie Wilder, an author in New York, said a metal straw “feels little luxurious, like I’m thoughtful enough to carve out this space for me to gently sip my drink”. It’s great to share on social media because it’s aesthetically pleasing. It might even have people asking where the straw can be purchased, further reducing plastic waste.
Teetalk.ph is a site that you can refer your friends to for your stainless straw set. It is a crowdfunding platform where like-minded individuals like you can raise funds for your passion project. While it’s on beta, the site is simple to navigate and has a lot of photos. Perfect for showing off your shiny straws for a cause.

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