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Regardless of whether you own a start-up or a business, continuous growth is necessary for long-term success. One of the most successful ways to expand a company is by using giveaways and viral competitions to support your business.

We at Teetalk.ph believe that giveaways and competitions can have an immense effect on your sales when done correctly. And even better is that with these, you can reach various objectives.


  • Bring traffic to your site.


No question, everybody loves to win. Why not use this to the benefit of your company? Creating a competition is a great way to increase traffic to your website and generate lots of interest in your company. People online will be willing to join your competition for an opportunity to win a fantastic reward.

Make the most out of this by giving prize giveaways with your brand logo on it. Teetalk offers quality custom printing, anywhere within your budget. This will be perfect to support your contest plans while being up to the brand. 


  • Grow your followers on your social media quickly.


Link your online competitions to your social media pages by including in the rules to have them like or share your facebook page, instagram handle, or twitter account. The thrill of winning a prize or getting something free attracts people, and it could be a perfect way for your brand to make an impression on the masses.

Imagine having one social media user sharing your post or page to his/her one thousand Facebook friends. Result is, your business just made it to the newsfeed of a thousand more prospective followers.


  • Enhance customer engagement.


Comments and mentions bring the most engagement on social media platforms nowadays. Anyone can do it anytime, and however many they would want to.

Make sure to include adding comments and mentioning 3 or more of their friends on the comment section in the mechanics of your online giveaways and competitions. These will surely increase your business’ social media involvement


  • Grow your email list


Gifts and competitions are perfect for improving email lists because you can use entry forms to get people interested. And it would be a bonus if they sign up to your business goals or order directly from you! 


  • Make your business go viral


This is particularly achievable nowadays with TikTok. It’s a platform where users can create and share short videos to the WORLD. With the right concept and planning, your online competition will surely bring out your brand and business to an enormous number of people.

Initiating an online contest is so easy nowadays. That’s why more and more businesses are doing it so they can get the results they want. But it all comes down to the perfect prize or giveaways you’ll provide to the winners.

Reaching out to Teetalk.ph is the most convenient way to plan for items that will be perfect for contest giveaways. We at Teetalk always make absolutely sure your design is thoroughly printed on top-quality items that are affordable and within your price range. We also guarantee that your orders are shipped on time to ensure that your transactions with us are trouble-free. Connect with our campaign enablers now to explore endless opportunities here!