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7 Reasons Why Min

7 Reasons Why You Should Sell Online

Consumers have gradually changed the way they like to buy over the last decade, and businesses have trouble keeping up. With this age, online selling not only lets you attract more customers and users with a successful website, but it also encourages you to market products and distribute services...

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How To Successfuly Run An Online Food Delivery Min

How to Successfully Run an Online Food Delivery Business

  Our society went under a paradigm shift starting from the very first imposed community lockdown. A once-bustling street filled with people going about their daily routine has now become nothing else but concrete roads and buildings. People are filled with a sense of disruption because of the heightened...

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10 tips on how to make your first online sale

E-commerce and online transactions have come a long way in recent years, and pressure to bring businesses to these platforms is greater than ever. If you want to start venturing in online selling, it’s best to know the 10 most notable online sales practices in 2020. Develop your e-commerce...

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How Giveaways And Contests Help Your Business Grow

How giveaways and contests help your business grow

Regardless of whether you own a start-up or a business, continuous growth is necessary for long-term success. One of the most successful ways to expand a company is by using giveaways and viral competitions to support your business. We at Teetalk.ph believe that giveaways and competitions can have an...

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Protect Against Corona Virus Working At Home Office

Type of Businesses that Thrive during COVID-19

The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has caused businesses to close forever. In the United States alone, experts project over 100,000 small businesses have “shut permanently since the pandemic escalated in March.” At least 2% of them are gone forever, according to a study conducted in May. However, there...

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