How To Successfuly Run An Online Food Delivery

Our society went under a paradigm shift starting from the very first imposed community lockdown. A once-bustling street filled with people going about their daily routine has now become nothing else but concrete roads and buildings.

People are filled with a sense of disruption because of the heightened restrictions in response to the health threat that COVID19 introduced in our lives. Waking up without any plans of going out like we used to can give the feeling of isolation and mental stress despite the comfort our homes bring.

In addition to these, our economy had a huge downfall caused by businesses such as malls, hotels, and restaurants closing. The unemployment rate is as high as ever following the cease of operations and productions. Despite these difficulties and the omnipresent threat of the disease, new doors are opened.

To address the change in ways of doing business, the reimagination of business models is needed. Restaurants are now shifting their focus from dine-in services to takeout and delivery services. There is also a great increase in the number of new online food businesses penetrating our market.

The need for social distancing to stop the continuous spread of COVID19 is the top reason for the growth of the food delivery service, especially in urban areas. Comprising about a third of the total Philippines population are Millenials, who based on BusinessMirror research last December of 2019, are the ones who spend the most on cooked food.

As individuals trying to stay afloat amidst the pandemic and its troublesome effects, we can stay angry at what is happening and complain about the endless restrictions imposed by the government.

But there is another thing we can do which is to see the business opportunity being handed to us. So if you’re interested in taking part in optimizing this business venture, here are some of the priorities to be taken into account in running an online food delivery business:


Registration of the Business

First, the business should follow legal procedures such as the mayor’s permit or municipal license, registration in BIR, and so forth. This is to ensure the long-run untroubled way of doing business. Furthermore, registering the delivery riders to follow protocol during and after community lockdowns.


Packaging Quality and Sanitation

It is a given that to be able to penetrate the market successfully, the food product we offer must be made with good quality ingredients. This is where the sourcing of suppliers takes place. With the assumption of our product meeting the quality requirement, we take into full view the requirements of packaging quality that can withstand the entire trip from the production area to the doorstep of the customers and be able to prevent contamination along the way. The main purpose of the customers having food delivered is to avoid physical contact and assurance of safety, so it is just right for food delivery services to put this in mind.


Be Technology Friendly

As our community adapts to the current situation and relies heavily on automation of tasks, an individual starting an online food delivery business must be present in the top social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to be able to reach consumers. Taking advantage of these platforms and their related features such as direct messaging provides a smooth physical contactless transaction.

Payments can also be made via online fund applications like Gcash and Paymaya to offer the customers more ways of avoiding contact with people outside of their homes through the exchange of physical money.


Hire Reliable Drivers

To ensure that the food gets to the consumers quickly and safely, the hiring of drivers is also an important process in the online food delivery business. Making sure that they are licensed, follows the required equipment such as helmet, trained with basic customer service skills to boost the satisfaction of customers, and follows health and safety procedures.


Marketing the Product

With the use of social media platforms, advertising is easier than ever. Make sure that you present your product in the most enticing way such as a good quality picture of the food and a caption being able to catch the customer’s interest. Frequent posting on these platforms is a must to stay on top of the customers’ online newsfeed. As more and more people have tasted the product and follow the page or account created, word of mouth advertising follows.

As we weigh the good and the bad effects of the pandemic, it helps to reinforce our understanding of the situation and assess the way we can approach the new normal status quo. With the hope of finding the cure and eliminating the COVID19 threat, our society will continue to adapt and move forward to avoid going further down into economic depression. 

Society will continue to incorporate automation and reliance on technology-based innovations. That is why the success of online businesses today will not stop once people can safely go out of their homes. A good entrepreneur continues to see opportunities that arise in every situation. While continuing to have faith in a better tomorrow, finding areas in which we can grow as individuals, and adapting to being resilient, we carry on and face the ever-changing world.



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