The Lunchbox Drive


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The teachers in Tinibingan Elementary School is fundraising for their 96 students, starting this campaign that will provide individual lunchbox for each of the students and additional funding for their existing Feeding Program.  For the feeding program, DSWD funds Php15/day for students that have wasted or severely wasted nutritional status (grossly underweight).  However, there are a lot more borderline students that do not fit the requirement but nevertheless go to school hungry and without food. Because of this, we are constantly looking for ways to provide for the rest of the kids.  More often than not, we have to provide food to our students ourselves.  We are hoping that through this campaign, more awareness of the state of the schools in very rural areas would spread to a wider audience and could serve as an opportunity for us to be heard by those who have the capacity to help.


As you can imagine through the pictures in the gallery, lunchtime at the school is very difficult.  Due to these students coming from the lowest socio-economic class, most of them go to school without food (“baon”). The luckier ones would be bringing some food wrapped in banana leaf or plastic. These kids were taught to share, even though the food available is barely enough to cover for everyone. Sharing food in one container or in a banana leaf or paper leaves room for better hygiene. We are aiming that with the success of this campaign, we can provide the students their own individual lunchbox which they can use to properly store the food they brought with them to school or to hold the little food we can provide from our Feeding program. Anything extra beyond the lunchbox expenses will be added to our Feeding program fund to enable us to serve our students not only enough food to eat, but better quality food at that.


If you want to do more beyond supporting this campaign, please contact so you can be connected you to the teacher-in-charge.