Tees for the Seas
Tees for the Seas

Tees for the Seas


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Our Babuyan Marine Life Tees depict some of the charismatic megafauna found in the Babuyan marine corridor. It is the only known breeding ground of humpback whales in the Philippines. It is also home to 12 other dolphin and whale species, marine turtles, sharks and other marine life.

Help us work towards conserving this highly diverse marine ecosystem through research, education and local capacity building. Our #TeesForTheSeas T-shirt campaign aims to raise funds to continue the annual cetacean research survey around the Babuyan Islands in Cagayan Province and to conduct educational outreach activities along schools in coastal communities along the corridor.

Funds raised through this campaign will be used towards field expenses for the boat-based surveys and our educational outreach activities.