With the global health threat that is brought upon by COVID-19, it was inevitable that the economy would also take a big plunge. Laying-off of workers started as soon as the positive cases grew, some businesses filed for bankruptcy and closed, while those that survived are left only with its skeletal workforce. 

As we enter another year of this pandemic and the vaccination of everyone is still on-going, people are now trying to revive what’s left of their businesses to survive this nightmare. 

In adapting to the new normal as we call it, employers are contemplating the ways that they would be able to re-open without disregarding their employees’ health. Here are some of the tips to consider to ensure public safety.

#1 Greet people with disinfectant and temperature check

Make it a point that entrances have a log-in system that can monitor the daily influx of people. Check their temperature using infrared thermometers to eliminate the risk of letting-in a person who shows symptoms. When they pass the routine screening, have alcohol nearby for them to use before entering.

#2 Six feet distance is always better than under

In the workplace, it is a must to arrange tables, chairs, and other possible hindrances in a way that will make it easy for people to maintain the 6 feet apart distance mandated to avoid cross-contamination via physical contact or air particles from saliva. 

#3 Place arrows in the blueprint 

Study the area and strategize a movement flow that avoids any disruption or collision. This can be as simple as “keeping right” when walking down tight spaces. Take the time to prepare visual instructions for people coming in and out of the workplace to steer clear of any confusion. 

#4 Smile but underneath a proper mask

To effectively implement the “NO MASK AND FACE SHIELD, NO ENTRY” policy externally, you must start with your workforce. You can provide your employees with masks, face shields, nitrile gloves, and PPEs that are customized with your company’s branding. 

#5 The great wall of plastic or glass

If the workplace entails a person to person communication may it be to co-workers or customers, there must be a barrier installed between them to further ensure that no infection would take place. 

#6 There is no such thing as too much alcohol

This is of course concerning disinfecting. Besides having its availability at the entrance, make sure that you will provide your employees with their alcohol spray bottles to encourage frequent sanitation.

#7 Adjust as needed

When the business re-opens, observe, and analyze the current policies and strategies in play. Be quick to solve any areas which need further changing.

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