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So you already created an account for your cause, but you have a question that begs to differ: How can I reach more people to join my cause? It’s no wonder you have to be involved on Instagram — a networking site with more than 1 billion active users as of August 2020 that offers a fantastic networking outlet for future buyers, prospective investors, and interested audiences from every corner of the planet.

For everything to work out the way you want it to be, you need to steadily and consistently increase your follow-up in an attempt to optimize and improve your Instagram marketing. And besides, the more people who follow you or are in contact with your cause, the larger the market you will attract any time you publish. Here at FullSuite, we offer these top-notch branding tips for Instagram to help you promote your purpose, which is easy and free of charge.

Make the most of Instagram’s free tools.

Instagram just started to develop the business profiles that reflect the company profiles of Facebook and provide users the option of emailing, calling, or texting the enterprise with a large ‘contact’ call-to-action.

Along with the communication choice, company profiles provide access to or request for data, feedback, and access to printing and engagement details for customers. You might consider changing your personal profile to a company profile and take advantage of such tools if you use your Instagram page for a company. The more you recognize how a particular audience interacts with your account, the more changes and improvements you can make to enhance your engagement. Isn’t that amazing?

Use the Instagram Story Feature.

Instagram’s innovation is making a change. Nearly half of Instagram’s successful users share regular entertaining stories. Those stories last 24 hours and are an outstanding source of follower interest.

Instagram stories can be used in several ways, such as to demonstrate your cause, the brand’s performance, make a behind-the-scenes session, and more. In the form of stories available to other Instagram users, you can attach pictures, short videos, boomerangs, messages, songs, or even more imaginative materials to your page.

It’s easy to connect with followers through creating polls and doing a ‘Q and A’ session on Instagram stories. These interactions demonstrate a strategic idea for the brand and increase the connection between your cause and consumers.

Promote your Instagram posts across other sites.

Do you want to include fresh followers to Instagram that you know who already love your cause? Cross-promotion is a form of a promotional campaign when a product or service is raised to its customers. Try to post your social media all over Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to follow your Instagram profile. They already follow you on social media, so obviously, they are interested in what you bring, so give them a whole other way to connect with your brand socially.

Do not expect that everyone on social media can get or see your messages. Several people aren’t quite so active on certain social media sites as they are on other platforms. But needless to say, cross-promoting your brand increases your possibility to connect your followers with as many of your online platforms as possible so that each post you make expands your scope.

Try not to get your audience overwhelmed.

You would like to publish sufficiently regularly to make your brand alive, but you don’t want to post so often that you may annoy your fans and that they may end up unfollowing you because you are flooding them with too much content.

Truth be told, there is not a perfect posting method that will fit each brand. That is why you have to check the audience to see how they interact. For starters, try to post two times a day to discover out how and when your highest post engagement happens. Try using Instagram stories as well! And after that, begin experimenting with increasing or fewer posts a day, paying close attention to interactions.

Connect with followers to stimulate development.

It takes two seconds to answer and thank anyone who takes the time to comment on one of your posts. This essential involvement can increase brand loyalty and can produce a brand promoter.

Include ways to allow your followers to connect through your posts. One effective way to do this is by using captions like “Tag three friends who would like this.” Through this, it can bring your cause to a broader audience as soon as possible and attract new supporters. Since a friend introduces it to your Instagram profile, there is less hesitance, and a lot of the tagged users can also follow your profile. It’s that simple!

Come up with a sweet hashtag.

The creation of an engaging hashtag is a perfect way of building instant interaction – make sure that you use the right hashtags. A brilliant method is to create a nice hashtag that followers will add to the caption of their posts about a product they recently bought.

When you create an interactive hashtag for your company to repost your customers’ photos with your cause, you will create two things:

  1. Many of your fans will use the hashtag to share pictures of your goods if they want to feature you on their profile and,
  2. Whenever someone posts using your hashtags, it means they are showing your cause to their followers as well. That’s free advertising!

Curate other relevant content.

Consider reposting content from many other relevant Instagram accounts if you find it hard to find sufficient material to meet your needs. But make sure that the source is acknowledged by mentioning them in your caption and tagging them too.

You can download Instagram photos from many free apps and save them to your camera roll to enable you to repost them easily. Try to mention them in your Instagram stories too. When these accounts see you sharing their content, they will likely return the favor and share your content with their followers as well.

Establish an Instagram voice.

There is a distinct identity in every growing media network. What works on Instagram may not work on Twitter. Instagram gives the highest results on photos with a lighthearted, sincere sound. Experiment with emojis and other enjoyable instruments to offer a distinct meaning to your company. Don’t assume the first try to get it right — it will take a while to create the identity of your company.

Keep it short if you ever doubt what to write. There is little connection between the length of the text and the commitment, but short captions allow your visuals to talk.

Through all these easy marketing tips and strategies, your cause can become not only the next trending thing out there but can lead to new ways for your brand to succeed. Instagram indeed has a myriad of promotional channels for many brands, and it depends on how you convert that resource into practice. The great thing about Instagram is that it evolves over time, so any time you might want to upgrade your cause, more features will be introduced to you.