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Seven Creative tips for recognizing employee milestones

Knowing how to reward your employees for their achievements creates a healthy working environment. Giving the acknowledgment that your best-performing employees deserve will enhance their productivity and encourage their loyalty to your cause. Here at Teetalk.ph, we have compiled seven ways that would definitely add a unique touch on...

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Why Authenticity Matters Featured Img Opt

Why Authenticity Matters for Companies and Raising Funds

In the digital age where social media is prevalent, companies and businesses are forced to be more authentic as compared to the past. Access to information is easily available because of the internet and the world is linked more than ever through social media. This allows easier sharing of...

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8 animal welfare foundations making a difference in the Philippines

The Philippines is blessed with people who care for animals. Volunteers have established welfare foundations and groups in the country to make it a safer place for animals. Here are some of them. Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) PAWS drafted Republic Act 8485 or the Philippine Animal Welfare Bill....

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Great Ideas For Crowdfunding Your Passion Featured Image O4icbq7ax2t4b0jovfgq4b4z896egfn4hidia76q90

Great Ideas For Crowdfunding Your Passion

A successful campaign starts with an idea — a great, creative, and explosive idea. And it’s fine  if you don’t have yours yet. Crafting your own creative and effective crowdfunding campaign takes time and planning. Fret not, we got you covered! To help you turn your dream to reality,...

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Basic Tips Email Marketing Success Featured Img O4icbr553wuemmibpxvcoswftn1ro4qutn0zrh5c2s

Basic Tips For Email Marketing Success

The massive popularity of social media seems to have overshadowed older marketing techniques such as email marketing. Still, email marketing continues to work and answer to specific niches. Consider this: With the noise of social media (posts, tweets, likes and status updates), email has become a place of safety...

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Important Graphic Design Tips Non Designers Featured Img O4icbr553wuemmibpxvcoswftn1ro4qutn0zrh5c2s

Important Graphic Design Tips For Non Designers

Though not a professional, you have done your share of small design projects. At some point, you found yourself volunteering to craft invitations for your niece’s 7th birthday party. Maybe you just started an online business and need to make branding assets for your product/service. You need to design...

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The 10 Most Popular Tshirts 1980s O4icbr553wuemmibpxvcoswftn1ro4qutn0zrh5c2s

The 10 Most Popular T Shirts In The 1980s

Some of the most iconic brand logos, images of pop culture superstars and catchphrases have seen print on a T-shirt. In the ‘80s, the T-shirt has reached a massive, global popularity. So it’s not unusual to spot a Ghostbusters or a Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt from Manhattan to Manila...

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Typography Why Its Cool On Tshirt Opt

Typography And Why It’s Cool On A T Shirt

  Typography T-Shirt is text-based design. For T-Shirt designers, typography is a powerful tool. It is the creative use of letters and numbers to achieve a particular look and evoke a specific feeling. This, in turn, makes the T-Shirt a statement piece. Whether you’re trying to sell a product,...

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Best Selling T Shirt Colors Your Design O4icbr553wuemmibpxvcoswftn1ro4qutn0zrh5c2s

The 5 Best Selling T Shirt Colors For Your Design

When planning your T-Shirt campaign, the most important phase is deciding on the design (What kind of graphics will I use? What colors?) and the color of the T-shirt itself. For this stage, you have to consider your target market–their age, gender and lifestyle preferences. Hence, your T-Shirt design...

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