Typography Why Its Cool On Tshirt Opt

Typography And Why It’s Cool On A T Shirt

  Typography T-Shirt is text-based design. For T-Shirt designers, typography is a powerful tool. It is the creative use of letters and numbers to achieve a particular look and evoke a specific feeling. This, in turn, makes the T-Shirt a statement piece. Whether you’re trying to sell a product,...

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Best Selling T Shirt Colors Your Design O4icbr553wuemmibpxvcoswftn1ro4qutn0zrh5c2s

The 5 Best Selling T Shirt Colors For Your Design

When planning your T-Shirt campaign, the most important phase is deciding on the design (What kind of graphics will I use? What colors?) and the color of the T-shirt itself. For this stage, you have to consider your target market–their age, gender and lifestyle preferences. Hence, your T-Shirt design...

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An Artist’s Animal Advocacy

A small-town girl who works as a freelance graphic artist, Mitch Antonio illustrates children’s books and designs graphics from time to time. As a graphic artist, she has already illustrated four books that have been published on Amazon. When she’s not working, she’s either illustrating a personal piece or...

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