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5 Top Employer Branding Giveaways This 2020

  Creating a trustworthy employer brand is a must for any company’s strategy as it helps businesses attract qualified employees, reduce hiring and marketing costs, and increase productivity. You seem to have laid out everything. But it lacks one ingredient: giveaways. The perfect event presents for the participants are...

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Protect Against Corona Virus Working At Home Office

Type of Businesses that Thrive during COVID-19

The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has caused businesses to close forever. In the United States alone, experts project over 100,000 small businesses have “shut permanently since the pandemic escalated in March.” At least 2% of them are gone forever, according to a study conducted in May. However, there...

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How to use crowdfunding to raise money for your cause

Do you have a cause that you are passionate about, but do not have the resources to start? Did you suddenly run out of resources for a project you have planned for a very long time? Crowdfunding will generate funds for your project, helping you launch it right on...

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How to prepare your workplace for the new normal

With the global health threat that is brought upon by COVID-19, it was inevitable that the economy would also take a big plunge. Laying-off of workers started as soon as the positive cases grew, some businesses filed for bankruptcy and closed, while those that survived are left only with...

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Ultimate Guide to Designing an Event T-shirt

A customized shirt is a jack-of-all-trades tool used in events. Not only will it help advertise the event, but it also serves as memorabilia, promotion of your event’s identity, a unifier of the attendees, and of course, a way to raise money. Designing the perfect shirt can be intimidating...

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How To Use Instagram Like A Pro To Promote Your Cause

So you already created an account for your cause, but you have a question that begs to differ: How can I reach more people to join my cause? It’s no wonder you have to be involved on Instagram — a networking site with more than 1 billion active users...

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When to register or not register your charity drive

Did you recently decide to establish a charity? Well, that’s excellent news. The nation supports charities and looks forward to them to succeed. It requires patience and a sincere willingness to learn the basics of doing it correctly. However, step back for a minute and make sure that you...

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Crowdfunding A Cause: 5 Rookie Mistakes You Should Avoid

The presence of cyberspace gave rise to the popularity of crowdfunding by providing easier access to a crowd through real-time virtual interaction. However, having a low barrier of entering the scene of crowdfunding does not guarantee success.  In fact, according to the Crowdfunding Data Center, 80% of campaigns have...

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Top 5 fundraising causes Filipinos were crazy about in 2020

Are you wondering how you can raise funds this 2020? We at Teetalk.ph got you covered! The right concept for fundraising activities will create huge money for any cause. If you’re organizing a short event or an annual fundraiser, here are five ideas on the best fundraising activities that...

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